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Administrative Memos

Administrative Memorandum Number 1: Numbered Memoranda has been superseded by 51.101 – AbilityOne Program Policy System
This memorandum establishes a system of numbered memoranda which cover many of the procedures used in connection with the U.S. AbilityOne Commission® operations.

Administrative Memorandum Number 3: Approval of Procurement List Additions or Deletions (PDF)
This memorandum prescribes the procedures to be followed in obtaining Commission approval of the addition to or deletion from the Procurement List of a commodity or service.

Administrative Memorandum Number 4: Reconsideration of Committee Decisions (PDF)
This memorandum describes the procedures followed when the Commission staff becomes aware of new and pertinent information and/or received a request on the basis of new and pertinent information for the Commission members to reconsider an earlier decision which approved the addition or deletion of a commodity or service to the Procurement List.

Administrative Memorandum Number 11: Central Nonprofit Agency (CNA) Fee Ceiling Determination Process (PDF) has been superseded by the following policies: 51.210 - AbilityOne Program Fee Establishment and Oversight (PDF); 51.302 - Collection and Utilization of Program Fees by Designated Central Nonprofit Agencies (PDF) ; and 51.601 – AbilityOne Program Fee Calculation Methodologies (PDF)

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